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SAS Platform Services

As a registered SAS Silver Partner, we offer pre-designed solutions for data analytics systems, together with on-premises or cloud-based infrastructure.


About us

As an innovative expert in complex IT solutions we focus on IT infrastructure integration. As part of our independent system integrator role, we offer end-to-end services to our clients in designing, building, and operating the IT infrastructure. 

About us

Our services

We have proven experience in the deployment of SAS environments, including resolving integration challenges and have a solid, tested toolkit and workflow which help avoid endless configuration. 


With our methodology, we can considerably reduce the time and resources needed for a deployment.

Our Services

Deployment Experience

  • Designing and scaling system environments.

  • Complete SAS architecture installation in MS Windows and Linux environments. (The deployed environments mostly run on Amazon's cloud-based IaaS platform.)

  • Operating system, database and networking configuration.

  • Infrastructure integration with security and back-office systems.

  • SAS hotfixing and patching.

Value-added Support and Operational Services

In a cloud-based MASP environment we provide continuous support for the SAS deployments.


We have created an SAS architecture-level monitoring and measuring system which helps our day-to-day operations.

Answare has its own on-premise virtual infrastructure for pre-testing the entire installation and configuration process to avoid the occurrence of unknown problems at the customer's side.

Custom Integration Solutions

In many cases the end user has to integrate their existing security and user management policies to the SAS systems.

Typical problems, issues:

  • Secure communication between SAS and other operational environments.

  • Active Directory/LDAP integration and synchronization.

  • Database security.


"We have cooperated with Answare Ltd. in the implementation of a couple of projects in AML (Anti Money Laundering) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) areas.

We are very satisfied with their expertise in SAS deployment and configuration. Moving on with new projects and new customers, we would be happy to cooperate with them again."

Stavros Stavrinoudakis



Professional Services & Delivery

Greece & Eastern Europe

SAS Institute S.A.


Global references

Our expert engineers have already performed various SAS system installations for many bank customers and financial institutions around the world. Most of our references are SAS 9.4 AML (anti-money laundering) and CDD (customer due diligence) installations, but we also have experience in installing the new and innovative SAS Viya environment.

One of our strengths is our strong infrastructure expertise, which provides a solid foundation for us to move around on all SAS-supported platforms, such as MS Windows, Linux or even Solaris. In the case of SAS Viya, we take great advantage of our expertise in container-based application management software, Kubernetes. Thanks to our platform-independent expertise, we were able to quickly overcome a wide variety of integration issues, whether it is Hadoop, database security management, or even Active Directory / LDAP integration and synchronization. Our references include the design of on-premises as well as cloud-based infrastructure. In the latter case our expertise extends to Amazon and Azure IaaS services. Thanks to our developed methodology, the time and resources required for installations are significantly reduced during our projects, because we have our own virtual infrastructure for pre-testing the entire installation and configuration process, thus avoiding unknown problems during the live installation on the client side.

The key to the success of our projects is that we can provide continuous support for deployed SAS environments in a cloud-based MASP (Managed Analytic Services Providers) environment, which has provided high added value for the efficient and secure operation of our customers.

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